Industry News: Cosmetic Reforms, The Biorevolution, and a Pollution Solution

August 04, 2020 1 min read

The push for transparency in the beauty industry has caused China to take official action by improving their 30-year-old cosmetic regulations. Between 2018 and 2019 the beauty industry increased by 40 billion dollars, making cosmetic sales hit a new high and continues to increase. In order to ensure consumer safety as many new companies enter the marketplace, China released a new set of Cosmetic Regulations to hold sellers accountable. 

These new regulations include a longer approval process for new ingredients, enhanced monitoring of safety and quality throughout a product’s life cycle, and requirements for all product information to be disclosed on e-commerce platforms. Penalties for violating the new Cosmetic Regulations have also increased. All of this is happening in conjunction with the clean beauty revolution taking over worldwide. China has demonstrated how different reforms must take place to create transparency between cosmetic companies and consumers regarding product ingredients, quality, and safety. These new regulations will help to ensure that consumers receive all of the information they need to make the best purchasing decisions for themselves. 

Tara O’Toole (the former undersecretary of Homeland Security for science and technology) spoke of the future of biotechnology worldwide in an interview early July, calling it “foundational to the 21st-century economy” and specifying that we are headed towards an era known as the “biorevolution.”

A 93-year-old mechanical engineer is working to clean up the earth’s pollution with his device that eliminates oil from the wastewater produced by businesses. 

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