Award-Winning Skincare

Watch the video to see how we make our award-winning skin care products. 

Used in 3,000+ dermatologist & skincare clinics.

Blending advanced medical technology with the highest quality ingredients for the skin. We own our formulation labs to ensure the highest quality.

We even purify our own water, one of the most important ingredients in skin care.

Try a few products to see why we are leading the Healthy Skin Care Movement.

Welcome to BIOTOC and Dermafirm USA!

At Dermafirm, we believe optimal skincare comes from applying scientific innovation to nature's purest ingredients. We have proven results and earned industry support across the country. 

Dermafirm is the leader of the Healthy Skin Care Movement in the US. As a response to the pandemic, we have just launched a consumer version of our most innovative professional line, BIOTOC, for consumers to see the same professional results in the safety of their home. It is a non-invasive anti-aging skincare line that is dedicated to meeting the needs of people in a sustainable and healthy way. Together the consumer and professional line will be the best way to strengthen your relationship with the customer while expanding your business operations from these two product lines.. 

BIOTOC - Powerful Effort Leading Healthy Skincare Movement in the US

BIOTOC fuses the best Old World practices with today’s cutting-edge biotechnology. The result is an age-defying skincare system that rivals results of injectables and has been getting rave reviews in South Korea and in the USA.  

BIOTOC Brand Advisory Council (BBAC), a group of industry leaders and influencers who experienced BIOTOC and were “blown-away” by its positive results, is leading our Healthy Skin Care Movement effort to spread the positive impact in the communities across the nation.  

See what else people have to say

"My skin seemed softer and smoother... I was simply amazed. The one product that I have used that has shown me the most dramatic result."

- Lora Pellegrini, CRO, Massachusetts Association of Health Plans

"You're not seeing just results the people are saying that they are seeing, it has evidence."

- Jennifer Choi MD, Dermatologist, Northwestern

"I love fresh activation. When a product is freshly activated, it relies on less toxic preservatives. Fresh activation is a big deal." 

- Carmine Montalto, SKINCARMA Blogger / Influencer: @skincarma

"I am very very blown away by this product. It was fantastic. [My frown line] has been fading a lot... And that's never happened with anything I've used before."

- Miriam Ben-Dayad, Ph.D. Candidate at Albert Einstein College of Medicine / Skincare Influencer: @mimwieds

Where traditional practices unite with modern technology to unlock the mystery of seemingly ageless skin.

Our skincare lines blend advanced medical technology with the highest quality ingredients, to provide safe and effective solutions for all skin types. We have skincare products for acne, anti-aging, brightening, sensitive skin, and moisture care.

Our award-winning products are used in over 3,000 dermatologist and skincare clinics in South Korea and have gone through extensive clinical trials and testing. By owning and not outsourcing our proprietary formulation labs, we ensure our ingredients are free from impurities and harmful ingredients. Dermafirm has committed to be “10 FREE” of the elements that cause irritation.

We are inviting you to join our healthy skincare movement to spread the word while you find more ways to support your customers during the pandemic.

Click here for helpful information for professional success from our Education Center

We offer our partners the following benefits:

1.  3-tier wholesale discount program to help your business to expand with the wide range of skincare products for all skin types and ages and devices for use in the office or to resell.

2.  Strong support to maintain client relationships during and after the pandemic.
3.  Free 1:1 consultation to learn about Dermafirm’s science-based products and cutting edge technology to support your business.

4.  Marketing and PR support including live events, media interviews, etc. to reach clients at home.

5.  “Dropshipping”, free direct shipping to your customers.

6.  Quick and easy steps to set up an account with us:
          a. Complete online professional account registration.
          b. Submit a state-issued active professional license.
          c. Submit a state-issued reseller permit (optional, but needed to qualify for sales tax exemptions).
          d. Complete 1:1 meeting with Dermafirm to gain product education based on customer-base and finalize/approve.

Hear from Former HSN host & Beauty Influencer Melinda Lee Foster supporting the BIOTOC line for the consumers at home that was successfully launched during the pandemic.

This, along with the Professional Line is the best way to strengthen your relationship with the customer while expanding your business operations.