Highlights from our Skincare Entrepreneurship Series for Estheticians

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“My skin seemed softer and smoother... I was simply amazed. The one product that I have used that has shown me the most dramatic result.”

- Lora Pellegrini, CEO, Massachusetts Association of Health Plans

“You're not seeing just results the people are saying that they are seeing, it has evidence.”

- Jennifer Choi MD, Dermatologist, Northwestern.

"I love fresh activation. When a product is freshly activated, it relies on less toxic preservatives. Fresh activation is a big deal.”

- Carmine Montalto, SKINCARMA Blogger / Influencer: @skincarma

“I am very very blown away by this product. It was fantastic. [My frown line] has been fading a lot... And that's never happened with anything I've used before.”

- Miriam Ben-Dayad, Ph.D. Candidate at Albert Einstein College of Medicine / Skincare Influencer: @mimwieds