Do you teach your kids healthy skin care habits?

January 06, 2022 3 min read

Being a mom is THE hardest job. Finding the time to look for the best products for yourself can be difficult, let alone your whole family. 

As busy moms just trying to get through the day, we forget the importance of developing healthy skin care habits at a young age! Did you know aging starts in your 20's by decreasing collagen and elastin levels, and slowing cell turnover?

What you do in your 20's will reflect how you look in your 40's and beyond, making it THAT much more important to enforce healthy skincare habits in your kids (and spouse) as soon as possible. Here are our top 5 skincare insights and recommendations for products that will benefit your family members at any age: 

1. How much you limit sun exposure before age 20 can make a difference in wrinkle formation

Try the Ultra Soothing Sun Fluid R4 which is a skin protector that combines both the moisturization effect of lotion while providing strong protection against UVA and UVB rays. Formulated with both Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide ingredients which meet the FDA's "generally recognized as safe and effective" (GRASE) according to American Academy of Dermatology.

2. Acne develops when pores become clogged. Hormones may explain why acne is so common in teenagers but acne is also a growing problem for women over 25 years of age.

Try Purifying Essence, a concentrated formula that contains ingredients Tea Tree Leaf Oil, which treats oily skin on a cellular level while also stimulating skin repair.

3. While increased pigmentation usually isn’t harmful to you and your family, it can be a symptom of other serious skincare conditions. 

Try the BEST K-Beauty brightening products that suppress pigmentation and rejuvenates the skin. Whitening Active Cream is formulated with natural botanical extracts that reduce blemishes and brighten skin tone.

4. Anyone in your family need to repair skin damaged from weather changes and stress?

Check out the Ultra Soothing Toner R4 and Ultra Soothing Formula Emulsion R4, Dermafirm's leading K-Beauty hero products. Using the most advanced liposome technology, theyhydrate, soothe, and promote skin recovery.

5. “Me-Time” for a super mom like you is not only good for you but for the entire family! A happy mom means a happy family!

Asta-Lifting Vital Cream is an anti-aging moisturizer that nourishes skin with active ingredients to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


“I am a professor, global consultant, writer, speaker, and mom - working around the clock. I need a quick and effective solution to make sure my skin, health and family are all in good hands. I found Dermafirm for my two daughters, and a biochemist husband (who needed to be convinced about the scientific ingredients). While BIOTOC 3X works the best for my Me-Time (finally!), Jake LOVES his first time Whitening Active cream experience (he is so proud to show me the progress) while Allie loves her Vitamin C Peeling Gel (scrubfor smoothness and Bina loves Sun Defense Fluide that is not greasy like others! I am all set for my holiday shopping and daily skincare routine for everyone in my family!” - Suzy from Boston

As the new year approaches, we wish you and your family a year filled with healthy skin and bliss. We hope that our product recommendations help each of your loved ones along their own individual journeys towards wellness. 

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