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TUPS - Soothing Essence Gel - 200ml

  • Introducing the Skin Extinguisher Essence Gel - the ultimate skin-soothing solution for heated or inflamed skin. This innovative skincare product is specifically designed to instantly lower the temperature of irritated skin, providing immediate relief from heat and discomfort.

    Powered by patented ANTICH 15,000ppm formula, a unique blend of corn leaf extract and centella asiatica extract, this Essence Gel effectively relieves itching and calms your skin. Our formula is further enriched with Panthenol 50,000ppm, a key ingredient that improves your skin's barrier function and moisturizes deeply for lasting hydration.

    The highly-dense gel-type essence is instantly absorbed by your skin, providing a cooling and soothing sensation without any residue. This product has undergone rigorous human application tests and is proven to be hypoallergenic, ensuring the utmost safety and effectiveness for all skin types.

    Did you know that the optimal skin temperature is between 86 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit? The Skin Extinguisher Essence Gel immediately controls your skin's heated temperature, helping it maintain its optimal functional role. Experience noticeable temperature change in just 10 minutes after application!

    Our Essence Gel is free of allergenic fragrances, formulated with the natural functions of raw materials without the addition of artificial colors and scents. We prioritize healthy treatment for your skin while ensuring an eco-friendly approach.

    By using up-cycled corn shells as one of the key ingredients in our ANTICH formula, we support our natural environment beyond just benefiting your skin. Experience the soothing and cooling benefits of the Skin Extinguisher Essence Gel for yourself and give your skin the relief it deserves.

    Net Weight: 200ml

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