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Staccato Training Course Cost

Staccato Training includes a set of Staccato machine, 4 x 4ml Hair Growth Ampule, 4 x 4ml RX PDRN and 4 packs of 50ml RX Exosome Ampoules for anti-aging, brightening, acne and hydration for microneedling.  

Staccato Training Class begins with 3 webinar knowledge sessions before 1-day hands-on intensive training and followed by 6 webinar sessions. One-day hands on intensive training is scheduled and notified to all students with the venue information. During the 1-day live, in-person training course, we walk you through hand movements and also paired with a model for the live SMP treatments. All sanitation and color theory to how to set up your Staccato machine and even how to market your business once it’s launched are covered during the live webinar sessions. 

Our Scalp Micropigmentation training course gives students all the skills they need to set up their own scalp micropigmentation studio or incorporate the treatment into an existing practice.

What makes our class different than anything else out there is that we focus on Hyper Realism Scalp Micropigmentation and teach you the proper way to replicate hair follicles for realistic results clients demand. We achieve this using the True Follicle needle created with our very own Staccato Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Machine.

Staccato (meaning of the word "Staccato" is a music tempo separated from the others) is made in Korea and it is one of the unique machines in the market. Staccato is a professional scalp micropigmentation, tattoo, permanent make-up (such as eyebrows or lips), and also a microneedling machine in one! Automatic and adjustable depth of needle, easy to learn and reduce SMP treatment (no or very little numbing cream is required!) time and deliver consistent results every time. Dual engine design gives the ability to treat two clients at the same time by two technicians. One of the fastest, most consistent, and safest products in the market today which saves time and increases revenue for each project or treatment.