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Staccato - Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Machine (Single Engine)

Staccato, derived from the Italian word "Staccato" which refers to a music tempo that is played in a detached and separated manner, is a state-of-the-art machine manufactured in Korea, and it stands out as one of the most unique and innovative devices available in the market. This multi-purpose machine combines the benefits of professional scalp micropigmentation, permanent make-up applications, and microneedling treatments, making it an ideal choice for beauty professionals and technicians.

Featuring an automatic and adjustable needle depth system, Staccato makes it easier to learn and significantly reduces the time required for SMP treatment, while also ensuring consistent and optimal results each time. Its engine design making it a highly efficient and time-saving option that increases revenue for each project or treatment.

As one of the fastest, most consistent, and safest products available in the market today, Staccato provides unparalleled reliability, convenience, and effectiveness. To help professionals master this innovative technology, free video training manuals are available, and paid online or in-person training courses can also be availed of. With Staccato, beauty technicians can take their craft to new heights and deliver exceptional results to their clients. 

Check out the free online basic training videos for Staccato's scalp micropigmentation for the machine operations, proceduralhandpiece and needle movements and the role of Staccato's stopper today!

What are included in the Staccato package?

1. Staccato Needles, 2. Practice Pads, 3. SMP Ink and Ink cups, 4.  One needle handle, 5. One foot pads, 6. Pipet to transfer ink to an ink cup and 7. Free video training manuals and documents are available with the purchase.

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