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Staccato - Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Machine

Staccato (meaning of the word "Staccato" is a music tempo separated from the others) is made in Korea and it is one of the unique machines in the market. Staccato is a professional scalp micropigmentation, permanent make-up (such as eyebrows or lips) and also a microneedling machine in one! Automatic and adjustable depth of needle, easy to learn and significantly reduce SMP treatment time and deliver consistent results every time. Dual engine design giving ability to treat two clients at the same time by two technicians. One of the fastest, consistent and safest products in the market today which saves time and increases revenue for each project or treatments. Free video training manuals are available. Also, paid online training or paid in-person training courses are available as well. Check out the free online basic training videos for Staccato's scalp micropigmentation for the machine operations, proceduralhandpiece and needle movements and the role of Staccato's stopper today!

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