Medi Nanopen Pro

  • BIOTOC Medi Nanopen-Pro is a next generation skin care device that leverages nanotechnology to deliver active ingredients safely and effectively into the skin for enhanced absorption and remarkable results.The Medi Nanopen-Pro is paired with the Medi NANO Chip, a patented silicon structure, that creates microchannels that increase the absorption rate by 436% and close after 20 minutes reducing the risk of infection and recovery time.

    Product Features:

    Professional-grade microchanneling device that promotes skin rejuvenation and faster skin turnover

    Allows full coverage including hard to reach areas around nose and lips with its 4 x 4mm area Medi NANO Chip

    Offers three intensity levels to personalize and optimize treatment for your skin

    Nanopen-Pro treatment takes less than ten minutes once a week

    Net Weight: 79.5g / 2.8 oz

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