• The EPUS-Nano is an easy-to-use, compact device featuring a potent mini compressor that emits a fine, atomized mist of cold liquid from water or liquid-based ingredients such as ampoules, toners, or Vitamin C. This refreshing mist helps to tighten pores, boost skin elasticity, and is rapidly absorbed, enhancing your skin's appearance. Another benefit of using the EPUS-Nano is that it allows you to save on your investment in compatible skincare products, as you don't need to touch or directly apply them to your face.

    To operate the device, simply press the power button, and you can adjust the intensity of the mist by pressing the button multiple times. Angle the Nano about 15 degrees downwards while the vial is facing up while applying the Nano sprayer to your face. To switch off the device, press and hold the power button for few seconds. Please note that the Nano is not waterproof, so ensure it does not come into contact with liquids. To maintain the device's optimal performance, clean it after each use by combining equal parts rubbing alcohol (70%) and water in a vial (25-50% fill), then activating the sprayer to use up the entire cleaning solution. 


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