EM Soap-Lavander Matcha Charcoal 150g

  • This Lavander Matcha Charcoal organic soap is handmade, 100% plant-based and eco-friendly. Great for all skin types. Contains antioxidants that antibacterial properties that prevent acne and soothe dry and itchy skin. “EM” is the abbreviation of Effective Microorganisms and is composed of a variety of diverse bacteria, yeasts, and fungi that are used to benefit both humans and nature. Its fermentation produces antioxidants that create an environment that helps in maintaining skin health and enhances skin resiliency. EM is 100% natural and environmentally friendly as it is commonly used in agriculture to improve soil health and quality, making it completely safe for human use. All colors and scents in the soap come from natural sources with no artificial additives.

    Safety Information:

    ● For external use only.

    ● Before use, test on a small area of skin to test skin compatibility. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


    ● This soap is highly soluble due to its natural ingredients. It is recommended to use a draining soap dish and keep the bar dry between uses to allow the bar to last longer.

    ● Store at room temperature.