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  • What is Plasma?

    Plasma, the fourth state of matter, is created through the ionization of gas molecules either by heating them to high temperatures or by exposing them to a strong electromagnetic field. This process generates a mix of positively charged ions and free electrons, endowing plasma with unique properties such as high conductivity and the ability to emit light. These characteristics make plasma versatile in various applications, from industrial uses like cutting and welding to more delicate processes like neon lighting.

    The Future of Skincare: Advancing Beyond Light-Based Treatments to Non-Contact Anion Technologies

    In the evolving landscape of skincare treatment technology, we've seen a transition from HE-NE lasers and light therapy to the use of high-intensity LED systems. Now, the frontier of skincare innovation is moving towards non-contact anion technologies. This cutting-edge approach offers several key advantages, including the consistent production of ozone and a controlled release of anions, enhancing treatment effectiveness without direct contact. A standout benefit for skincare professionals is the significant time savings during procedures, coupled with the use of ions rather than light. This shift not only enhances patient comfort by eliminating the issue of glare but also minimizes any potential disturbances to individuals nearby. Non-contact anion technology represents a significant step forward in skincare treatment, promising efficiency and improved experiences for both practitioners and patients.

    What is Plasma Treatment in Skincare?

    In the realm of skincare, plasma's relevance is particularly noteworthy in medical and cosmetic dermatology. Known for its antibacterial capabilities, plasma is utilized to sterilize medical instruments and treat skin conditions without causing harm to healthy tissues. Its ability to promote cell regeneration and wound healing, coupled with its anti-inflammatory properties, makes it a powerful tool in enhancing skin health and appearance. Cold plasma, which operates at or near room temperature, allows for the safe application of plasma energy to the skin, facilitating treatments aimed at skin rejuvenation, acne management, and the improvement of overall skin texture without the risks associated with high temperatures. This intersection of plasma physics and dermatology illustrates the expanding potential of plasma technology in advancing skincare solutions.

    The Transdermal Drug Delivery System uses ATP breakdown energy for active substance transport and metabolic activities. Plasma treatment alters E-cadherin in skin cells, reducing adhesion and enhancing drug absorption by creating spaces within the tissue. This technique, developed by the Industry-University Cooperation Group at Pohang University of Science and Technology, also promotes skin and muscle regeneration, increases vital genetic factor expression (like MMP, collagen, fibronectin, VEGF), and boosts muscle cell mobility without thermal damage or pH changes. These advancements highlight non-thermal plasma's potential in wound healing, skincare, and cancer treatment, marking a significant progress in biocompatible technologies.

    Benefits of Plasma in Skincare:

    • Enhancing Wound Healing
    • Treating Burn Injuries
    • Managing Acne
    • Soothing Atopic Skin Conditions
    • Supporting Post-Thermal Laser Healing
    • Preventing Skin Infections


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