Dermafirm USA

Basic Student Starter Kit

This kit is packaged for a beauty school students. To purchase this kit, a student needs to enter a special discount code that was given during the checkout process.  

This kit includes the following items. 

1. Medi Nanopen Pro

2. Derma Barrier Cream MD - 100g

3. AHA PHA Liquid Exfoliant - 50ml

4. RX Hydra Exosome Lotion - 200ml

5. RX Purifying AC Exosome Cleanser - 250ml

6. RX Purifying AC Exosome Lotion - 200ml

7. All-in-one Bubble Cleanser - 150ml

8. RX Melavita-C Exosome Lotion - 200ml

9. RX Hydra Exosome Cleanser - 250ml

10. Sunblock Cream SPF50 - 50ml

11. Vitamin C Peeling Gel - 100ml

12. Soothing Repair Mask R4 - 30g (5 Pack)



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