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BallVic - Rainbow Pack (7 x 100g bottles) for Professionals

  • The BallVic Rainbow Pack is a premium-quality scalp care product that has been specifically designed for professional use in salons and clinics to address a range of scalp diseases. The Rainbow Pack is a comprehensive solution that consists of seven color-coded products, each of which targets specific types of scalp and hair follicle issues. The Rainbow Pack solutions need to be applied once a week and entire pack can treat 20 treatments. The product is based on three major steps or protocols that ensure a thorough and effective treatment.

    Step 1) Pretreatment - (Violet - Desmosome Breaker): This step is essential to prepare the scalp for the subsequent treatments. The Violet solution is a desmosome breaker that helps to loosen and remove the dead skin cells and other debris on the scalp. This step is vital as it enables the scalp to absorb the subsequent treatments more effectively.

    Step 2) Scaling - (Red for Anti-microbial, Orange for sebum control, and Yellow for Scalp Neutralize): The scaling step involves the use of three different solutions - Red, Orange, and Yellow. Each solution has been carefully formulated to target specific issues that affect the scalp and hair follicles. The Red solution is an anti-microbial agent that helps to eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause scalp infections. The Orange solution is a sebum regulator that helps to control the production of sebum, which can cause greasy hair and scalp. The Yellow solution is a scalp neutralizer that helps to restore the natural pH balance of the scalp.

    Step 3) Nutrition - (Green for Scalp protection, Blue for Hair follicle stimulator, and Indigo for Scalp barrier repair): The nutrition step involves the use of three different solutions - Green, Blue, and Indigo. Each solution is formulated to provide essential nutrients and protection to the scalp and hair follicles. The Green solution is a scalp protector that helps to prevent damage caused by environmental factors. The Blue solution is a hair follicle stimulator that promotes hair growth and thickness. The Indigo solution is a scalp barrier repair that helps to repair and strengthen the scalp barrier, which can be damaged by external factors.

    The BallVic Rainbow Pack is a highly effective and versatile product that offers a comprehensive solution for a range of scalp and hair follicle issues. The three-step approach ensures that the scalp is thoroughly cleansed, nourished, and protected, resulting in healthy and vibrant hair growth.

    Net weight: 7 x 100g

    *For Professionals only*

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