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APEXEL - Nanotechnology Enabled Chitosan (277.5mg x 120 Capsules)

  • Product Overview:

    Unlock the potential for enhanced wellness with APEXEL Chitosan, a premier functional health supplement enriched with high-purity chitosan derived from domestic crabs. This supplement is perfect for individuals looking to manage body weight and cholesterol levels naturally. Licensed under Functional Health Food Sales Permit No. 2015000802110, APEXEL Chitosan leverages the natural properties of chitosan to support your health and dietary goals.

    Key Features:

    Chitosan's Health Benefits: Known for its ability to bind fats and cholesterol, chitosan can help reduce their absorption in the body, promoting better cholesterol levels and aiding in weight management.

    Robust Formula: Contains 70% chitosan with 80% purity, enhancing its effectiveness.

    Rich in Essential Nutrients: Includes 20% shell powder for calcium and 10% pomegranate extract for antioxidant benefits, supporting overall health.

    Natural Capsule Composition: Vegetable-derived Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose capsules make this supplement suitable for a wide range of dietary preferences.

    Enhance your dietary management effectively with APEXEL Chitosan, designed to support not only weight and cholesterol management but also general health through its high-quality, nutrient-rich formulation. Experience the holistic benefits today.

    Content: 277.5mg x 120 capsules