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APEXEL - Nanotechnology Enabled Calcium (230mg x 120 Capsules)

  • Discover the Power of Nanotechnology with Korean Calcium King

    Product Overview:

    Unlock the secret to enhanced bone and hair health with the Nanotechnology Enabled Korean Calcium King. This advanced functional health food, licensed under the Functional Health Food Sales License No. 201500080217, is meticulously designed to optimize your mineral intake and support a robust skeletal structure.

    Key Features:

    Highly Absorbable Ingredients: Features a scientifically formulated blend of Shell Calcium (35% calcium, non-arsenic, locally sourced), 20.8% Magnesium Oxide (60% magnesium), and a fortified Vitamin D3 mixture, ensuring maximum absorption and efficacy.

    Enhanced with Nanotechnology: Utilizes cutting-edge nanotechnology for superior nutrient delivery and increased bioavailability.

    Rich in Essential Nutrients: Each capsule is packed with 230mg of potent ingredients, including 0.25% Vitamin D and 0.2% mollusks (oyster), enhancing calcium and magnesium uptake for stronger bones and teeth.

    Additional Benefits:

    Comprehensive Health Support: Not only supports bone density and strength but also aids in maintaining vital body functions that require calcium and magnesium.

    Vegetable-Based Capsule Composition: Made with Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose and other plant-based ingredients for a natural and safe consumption experience.

    Elevate your daily health regime with the Nanotechnology Enabled Korean Calcium King, your ideal choice for maintaining long-term bone and hair health and overall well-being. Perfect for adults seeking to enhance their dietary intake with high-quality, scientifically validated ingredients. Available now for your health-conscious lifestyle.

    Content:230mg x 120 capsules