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3 in 1 Hydro Exfoliator (AHA + BHA + NMF) - 400ml

  • 3 in 1 Hydro Exfoliator is designed to use with hydra or diamond peel devices in Spa but can be applied topically as well. Helps with pigmentation to improve the skin tone and texture. As a as a non-irritant and mild exfoliator that works on the surface of the skin, evens rough tone skins, safe to use even for sensitive skin. Free from harmful chemicals, Cruelty-free, Vegan friendly, Ethanol-free, Paraben-free, Silicon-free, Steroid-free, Artificial coloring-free, Artificial fragrance-free.

    Primary Ingredients and Benefits:

    AHA - Combined with Glycolic Acid, Tartaric Acid, Mandelic and Malic Acid

    Removal of dead skin cell and pollutant, and improve skin barrier. AHA has the skin's humidity ability and dull skin by high PH leads to soft skin which has increased ability of water-holding and efficacy of ingredient abosorption incresaes.

    BHA - Salicylic Acid

    Control the pores sebum and strong anti-inflamatory. Cleans and tightens the pore and has the anti-bacterial function to control the bacteria and P-virus.

    NMF - Combined with Urea, Sodium Lactate, Sodium Hyaluronate and Ceramide NP

    NMF is the hydrating and soothing ingredient for exfoliated skin. It helps to restore depleted moisture by attracting and maintain moisture, and strengthens moisture barrier.

    Extracts - Combined with Allantoin, Centella Asiatica and Portulaca Oleracea Extracts

    Allantoin helps restore uneven tones by stimulating cell restoration. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Portulea oleracea extract has skin calming effects from reactions, allergies and irritations. It also has anti-bacterial effects.

    Net Weight:400ml or 13.5 oz