BIOTOC’s Commitment: Empower, Evolve, Embrace Women in STEM

Throughout history, women in science and other related fields have gone unrecognized, even though they have made significant contributions that make our daily lives better and help us understand our world. BIOTOC is committed to supporting and amplifying the work of women in STEM in a number of ways. 

On our social media, we share the work and stories of women in STEM who make society better. Join the conversation by using #EmpowerEvolveEmbrace.  

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BIOTOC Connection

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Our newsletter highlights the accomplishments of women in STEM, both past and present to showcase how women are contributing in these fields. Each issue features a Q&A with a woman in a leadership role at a STEM-related company and highlights the work of rising female scientists as well as scientists of color. Additionally, the newsletter includes information about ingredients, interesting facts and related industry news. This newsletter is a way to connect with the community and inspire others that can have a positive impact on the world using STEM. Click here to view: Features from BIOTOC Connection

The Mentorship Series

We want to get people involved and share their mentors, heroes, and role models via social media. With The Mentorship Series, we are inviting people to use #LetsTocWithYourMentors to shout out people that inspire them. We will be monitoring the hashtag and reposting our favorites with people’s permission on BIOTOC’s social media. Everyone has different mentors and this is people’s chance to publicly recognize them. 

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Robert's Insights

Vice President of Sales & Operations Robert Park, J.D. for BIOTOC/Dermafirm USA provides insight on the science behind skincare and its ingredients.