Building back confidence during quarantine with skincare

October 28, 2020 2 min read

Quarantining these past few months has been roughis it showing on your skin? You aren’t alone. According to a study by the New York Post, work stress, diet changes, and wearing masks have been affecting 18-24 year-olds across the country. 43% of women said that the key to keeping their confidence up during these tough times was their skincare routine. We can help you find the perfect skincare solutions that are just right for you to gain your confidence back.

Whether you’re looking to start a new skincare routine, or do some holiday shopping for your family, these 5 products will do the trick:

27% of women are finding more acne on their skin due to quarantine.

Fight back with the duo Purifying Essence and Purifying Lotion - a concentrated formula that contains Tea Tree LeafOil perfect for treating acne-prone skin and repairing the skin on a cellular level.

Going outside for a walk or grocery run? Your mask won’t protect you from UV rays.

Incorporating Sun Defense Fluide is essential in protecting your skin- it contains natural extracts that give a moisturizing and soothing effect on your skin. It’s especially safe for sensitive skin. (Also a great purchase for anyone on your holiday gift list!)

 Sometimes it’s hard not to stress-pop those pimples, even when you know it will leave a scar. 

With X Cream, it’s possible to erase the evidence. As an intensive spot treatment for hyperpigmentation, it is considered one of the best Korean brightening products that brighten dark spots. 

Worried about new products irritating your sensitive skin?

Try the Hydra Balance & Sensitive Care - Starter Kit - A sample kit to find what products work for you and your sensitive skin! They work to create a barrier around your skin, protecting it from the external environment while locking in moisture.

A quick relief for acne and redness? Yes, it’s possible.

AC Gel is a concentrated, soothing spot treatment for blemishes that quickly relieves redness and accelerates healing. 

Aaliyah is just like youworking from home for her 9-5, and looking for new things to do during quarantine.

“I’m 23, and just entered the workforce for the first time here in Boston. WFH was great at first, but after a few weeks, I could feel the cabin fever and stress setting in. My skin started breaking outsomething it hasn’t done in years! After researching countless products, I finally found something to fix the new scars on my sensitive skin: Dermafirm’s Brightening Essence.

It is hands-down the fastest-acting spot correction product I’ve tried all quarantine. In only a few uses, I am already noticing my dark pigmentation fading. I found myself back on their website looking for more things to try. I think I found a new hobby!”