Korean Skincare Ingredients: A Guide

July 08, 2020 2 min read

At Dermafirm USA, we believe in the power that Korean skincare products have to offer to people around the world. That said, we understand how the many ingredients that go into Korean skincare products can be confusing.

That’s why we compiled this guide to some of the most popular ingredients that you’ll find in Korean skincare products: this includes allantoin, hyaluronic acid, and witch hazel extract. We hope this guide helps you decide which skincare products are best suited for you.


Allantoin is a hypoallergenic plant that is often used for soothing and softening the skin. Along with doing this, it also helps your skin cells regenerate. Essentially, it’s excellent for repairing damage while also protecting your skin from future damage.

For this reason, allantoin is often used in products that are looking to reduce and reverse skin damage. This includes everything from sun damage to the natural effects of aging, making allantoin one of the powerhouses of Korean skincare ingredients.

Hyaluronic Acid

Water is an important part of your skin’s epidermis -- i.e. its most protective layer -- which makes a loss of moisture is one of the biggest problems that causes people’s skin to age.

Along with helping to protect the skin from damage, moisture can help your skin maintain its elasticity. Elasticity is what keeps your skin from getting damaged every time you move a facial muscle, which should go a long way towards explaining its importance.

Hyaluronic acid is one of the greatest moisturizers in Korean skincare. You’ll find it used in many products that are focused on wrinkles, fine lines, and so on. It’s going to be particularly useful in any areas where skin elasticity is a concern (e.g. the face).

Witch Hazel Extract

Witch hazel is a shrub which helps to tighten the pores while also improving your skin’s circulation. This makes it a great ingredient to use if you’re suffering with acne or oily skin. It’s particularly effective against blackheads.

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