Holiday shopping? See our top 5 winter-skincare picks for the entire family

October 30, 2020 3 min read

Did you know that just like the holidays, skincare routines are seasonal? Get ahead this holiday season by shopping our top picks for every member of your family (that they'll actually use) to protect them from winter skin damage.

Our Top 5 Winter-Skincare Products and Tips 

Tip #1: Ditch the harsh face wash, opt for fragrance-free cleansers to prevent dry, itchy skin 

For the husband still using a bar of soap to wash his face, we recommend the Ultra Soothing Cleanser

Key ingredient Azulene works to protect skin from damage by strengthening its natural barrier, while the 17 Amino Acid Complex boosts the skin's collagen and elasticity, promoting moisture. This easy, all-in-one cleanser is simple enough to use ingredients that make a noticeable difference in how his skin will react to the harsh winter air.

Tip #2: Go for an astringent without alcohol to keep your face hydrated

For the daughter looking for clean beauty products that actually work we present to you the Ultra Soothing Toner R4.

Centella Asiatic Extract works together with advanced liposome technology to minimize pores, replacing the need for the single-use pore strips that your daughter likely uses that are notoriously known for damaging skin. Meanwhile, lactobacillus aids in clarifying and protecting her skin by relieving dryness and irritation.

Tip #3: Creams and ointments triumph during winter months to lock in moisture and combat aging

Our third pick if for YOU, the Mom that’s always on the go: the Bio Revitalizing Cream

As you journey outside multiple times a day running errands, holiday shopping, picking up the kids from school, among everything else, your skin needs extra care at the beginning AND end of the day. At the start of your day, tocopherol works to prevent cell damage from occurring and moisture from evaporating from the skin. By the end of the day, adenosine has been improving cellular regeneration to minimize the appearance of deep wrinkles and to restore elasticity.

Tip #4: Speaking of moisturizer, the more you moisturize, the better

For the son struggling with acne that only gets worse in the winter try the Purifying Lotion.


This lotion works as a three-in-one to fight acne, reduce the appearance of acne scars, and moisturize the skin. Tea tree leaf oil is essential in controlling excess sebum production that results in acne, while allantoin hydrates and protects the skin from irritants.

Tip #5: Whatever you do, DON’T leave the sunscreen behind 

This product is for everyone in your household to use before going out in the snow: the Sun Defense Fluide

You may think your family's skin is safe from the sun's rays in the winter, but the risk of exposure to UV rays increases 80 percent as they reflect off of the snow. The Sun Defense Fluide blocks UV rays and utilizes aloe varbadensis leaf extract to not only protect sensitive skin, but gives it a nutrient-rich boost with moisturizing vitamins A, C, D, E, B12 and aloesin. Why to wait? Get our derma products online to make your skin healthy.




Sophomore in College

Since I was little, my mom and grandma urged me to take better care of my skin, telling me that skin aging starts as young as 20, but I didn't take their warnings seriously. As a broke college student, using whatever I could find at the drugstore close to campus seemed like a no-brainer to me, especially since I was used to having clear skin without putting too much effort into it.

Now with remote learning, Zoom's HD camera quality is doing no one any favors. This coupled with my 20th birthday around the corner made me more aware of my skin - my mom and grandma have healthier, younger looking skin that I do!

Trying out new skincare options can be expensive, which is why I started off with Dermafirm's travel kits. Each kit is a complete mini skincare routine, which makes it a great inexpensive trial run. After trying a few, I found that the Hydra Balance and Sensitive Care Set worked best for me. I also love their Vitamin C Peeling Gel, with each use I can see the results right away as the gel strips off dead skin before my eyes.

After using the products even for the first time I felt the difference right away, and each day my skin becomes smoother, softer, and younger. Seems like mom was right, yet again!


We wish you and your family a very happy (and healthy) holiday season!

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