• Electroporation + LED + Low-Frequency device + EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulating) Skin Care System in one device!

    Electroporation is a technology that uses a micro current to create temporary pores in cell membranes to make solutions permeate into dermal layer of the skin by shaking the bricklike stratum corneum without loss of solutions which can easily vaporize in the epidermis layer. The EPUS-PRO conveniently treat your forehead and neck. The device features functions for anti-aging, whitening, acne care, and skin lifting.

    EPUS-PRO is equipped with three technologies in one that allow you to enjoy premium skin care treatment.

    A) Electroporation, in which high-voltage electric pulses disrupt cell membranes, allowing active ingredients of cosmetics to be permeate into cells.

    B) LED at three different wavelengths including red, blue, and pink

    C) Low-frequency EMS function, a method of improving skin elasticity by stimulating the skin from the inside out through the contraction and relaxation of muscles.

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