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An innovative skincare solution—developed in South Korea by Dermafirm—debuted in the U.S. on August 5th to provide a safe and healthy way to rejuvenate skin. 

Rooted in history. Achieved through innovation.


Traditional practices unite with modern technology to unlock the mystery of seemingly ageless skin.

Our mission is not only to educate, but to empower today’s consumers tolearn about the impact of nature’s ingredients. Now you don’t have tochoose between clean and effective. Through our initiatives, we aresupporting a movement that is helping to change the way the world feelsabout skin care. 

We take pride in knowing that our products are formulated using the finest ingredients the world has to offer. We don’t hide anything in the fine print or use “secret” formulas. We believe every consumer should know where each ingredient is sourced and how it will improve their individual skincare needs.

The BIOTOC leadership team takes pride in ensuring that our products use the best ingredients. We do not hide behind small print or “secret” formulas and pride ourselves for writing all ingredients on the front of the bottle in large font. Every consumer should know where each ingredient comes from, what it can do and then choose what’s necessary and important for their skincare.  

Our business grew out of a research laboratory where we have been testing and synthesizing ingredients that are both potent and natural. Our tradition of researching, producing, and selling ingredients to hundreds of cosmetics companies around the world goes back 20 years. Our laboratory now is at the heart of science, advanced research, and innovation behind 

our own products. Historically, we have been a business to business and medically-focused brand, but now we are expanding directly to consumers.

From our very successful BIOTOC PRO line stems our newly formulated direct to consumer prestige skincare line. BIOTOC fuses the best Old World practices with today’s cutting-edge biotechnology. The result is an age-defying skincare system that rivals results of injectables and has been getting rave reviews in South Korea.