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Pedi Saver - 15ml

  • Revolutionize Your Nail Care with Pedi Saver: The Ultimate Solution for Nail Fungus

    Combat Nail Fungus Head-On:Pedi Saver's advanced formula brings a comprehensive solution for treating fungus under and around both toenails and fingernails. Experience the dual benefits of health and beauty for your nails.

    Tea Tree Oil Magic:Harness the power of Tea Tree Oil, renowned for its potent antifungal and antiseptic properties. Say goodbye to nail fungus and hello to healthier nails on both hands and feet.

    Propolis Extract: Nature’s Shield: Infused with the richness of antioxidants and antimicrobial prowess, Propolis Extract acts as a guardian, protecting and healing your nails from the clutches of fungal infections.

    Eucalyptus Extract: The Soothing Touch: Eucalyptus brings its antimicrobial and calming properties to the rescue, significantly reducing inflammation and discomfort caused by nail fungus. A true relief for both fingernails and toenails!

    Damask Rose Extract: Hydration at Its Finest: Indulge in the hydrating and soothing benefits of Damask Rose Extract. Nourish your nails back to health, especially those recovering from fungal woes, enhancing their overall health and appearance.

    Houttuynia Cordata Extract: The Detoxifier: Embrace the detoxifying and anti-infection benefits of this powerful herb. Watch as it efficiently clears infections, supporting the healing journey of both your fingernails and toenails.

    Centella Asiatica Extract: he Circulation Booster: Boost your nail's recovery with Centella Asiatica Extract. Known for increasing circulation and anti-inflammatory properties, it soothes and regenerates your nails, ensuring they’re healthier and more resilient.

    Embrace the Pedi Saver Promise: More than just a treatment, Pedi Saver is a commitment to the health, strength, and resilience of your nails. Our expertly crafted formula is your ally in the journey to holistic nail care and recovery. Say hello to beautiful, healthy nails with Pedi Saver!

    Net Weight: 15ml

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