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Multi-Master Professional Device

Introducing the Multi-Master Professional Device: 6-in-1 skincare solution. Elevate your spa experience with this cutting-edge device, which combines six highly effective skincare functions in one sleek, user-friendly package.

  1. Skin Scrubber Peeling & Lifting: Say goodbye to stubborn dead skin cells. Our advanced skin scrubber gently peels off impurities and lifts your skin for a fresher, healthier look.

  2. Ultrasound Vibration Massage & Permeation: Achieve deeper penetration of your favorite skincare products. The ultrasound vibration enhances absorption and delivers a soothing massage, rejuvenating your skin at every layer.

  3. Vitamin Iontophoresis Brightening: Discover brighter, more radiant skin. The Multi Master's vitamin iontophoresis feature harnesses the power of vitamins to boost your skin's luminosity.

  4. Cryo Cooling & Recovery: Pamper your skin with a refreshing cryo cooling treatment. It aids in reducing inflammation, calming your skin, and speeding up recovery after intensive treatments.

  5. Cryo Heating for Blood Circulation & Metabolism Stimulation: Ignite your skin’s natural healing power. The cryo heating function boosts blood circulation and stimulates metabolism, enhancing overall skin health and vitality.

  6. Electroporation for Ideal Skincare Product Permeation: Get the most out of your skincare regimen. The electroporation feature ensures your skincare products are optimally absorbed, maximizing their benefits.

The Multi-Master is the ultimate addition to any spa for pre-and-post skincare treatments. Its user-friendly design boasts a touch screen interface, making it simple and intuitive to navigate.

Experience the skincare journey that only the Multi Master can deliver. Revolutionize your spa experience and transform your skin's health and beauty – because you deserve nothing but the best. Secure your Multi-Master today and experience the future of skincare!

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