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B11 Device - Five-in-one Total Body & Skin Care Solution

Experience five powerful solutions in a single, portable device featuring an ergonomic design for ease of use! Don't be deceived by its compact size of B11 device; this versatile device delivers the performance and results of a Spa professional-grade instrument. The all-in-one system includes Ultrasound, Radio Frequency, EMS, Galvanic, and LED technologies, making it suitable for both spa and at-home professional care. Melt away body fat, enhance body contours, improve skin elasticity, increase ingredient absorption, and refine skin tone with just 10 minutes of use per day. Boost your confidence in your body and skin with this innovative device.

Key features and benefits:

Ultrasound (Fat dissolution process) - Ultrasound penetrates deep into the skin to break down fat cells by creating microbubbles. These fat cells are then absorbed by the lymphatic system and expelled from the body as waste.

Radio Frequency (Tripolar RF) - This cutting-edge 3rd generation RF technology combines Uni-polar and Bi-polar RF to heat collagen fibers, causing them to contract for effective weight loss. The heat also promotes new collagen production, providing long-term skin tightening, body shaping, improved skin elasticity, cellulite reduction, and body contouring.

EMS - Enhance muscle strength and promote fat breakdown. The 'B11' device features a 4-muscle exercise system that prevents tolerance through irregular low-frequency stimulation, continuously training muscles for sustained effectiveness. Stimulate muscle fibers directly using an innovative low-frequency interference wave for greater impact, resulting in overall muscle strengthening, swelling reduction, waste elimination, and weight loss promotion.

Galvanic - Increase ingredient absorption with galvanic current technology. The negative ions in the galvanic current interact with the positive ions in your skin, pushing active ingredients in skincare products deeper for enhanced absorption and moisture retention. Boost nutrient and oxygen levels in body tissue by improving blood circulation and lymphokines, ultimately providing effective nourishment to the skin and enhancing ingredient absorption efficacy.

LED Light Therapy - Harness the power of visible light from the electromagnetic spectrum with LED therapy. The 'B11' device offers four LED colors, each with its optimal wavelength: Red (618-628nm for elasticity), Yellow (580-590nm for skin tone), Green (518-528nm for skin texture), and Blue (462-472nm for soothing effect). These wavelengths work together to maximize the synergistic effects of skincare, promoting overall skin health and radiance.


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