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BELLA Microneedling Professional Device

  • Engineered in Korea, the Bella Dermapen stands as a surgical-grade microneedling device favored by top medspas and beauty salons worldwide. This device excels in its ability to efficiently create a multitude of precise micro-punctures. Its adjustable needle can penetrate up to 2.0mm, allowing for the deeper infusion of cosmetic products directly into the skin layers. The finely calibrated needles not only stimulate the dermis but also significantly boost collagen and elastin production, fostering the regeneration of skin cells. The outcome is profoundly rejuvenated skin, enhancing recovery and imparting a youthful, radiant appearance that signifies a dramatic improvement in skin health and vitality.

    The Dermapen provides a range of advanced features that cater to the user's needs, guaranteeing an excellent experience. The device is equipped with a hygienic, disposable, and sterilized cartridge that guarantees safety and efficient use through EO gas. The Dermapen's luxurious design ensures comfort during use, thanks to its ergonomic shape and advanced technology that minimizes pain through rapid movement.

    In addition to its advanced features, the Dermapen is incredibly effective and its versatility in targeting even the narrowest areas makes it a convenient option for professionals, who require a device that provides quick and wide-ranging results. The Dermapen's powerful and durable high-performance Brushless DC motor provides a consistently powerful and stable power output, ensuring maximum efficiency. The device is also equipped with a fuse that protects against over-current, ensuring the device's longevity. The multiple screws included in the design guarantee uninterrupted and seamless use, making it the perfect tool for anyone seeking exceptional results.

    Net Weight: 4.7 oz (Bella Device with Needle tip weight)

    *For Professionals only*

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