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BallVic SEBO Solution - 30g

  • BallVic SEBO Solution is a highly concentrated solution of ingredients. One bottle of SEBO solution is equivalent to 10 bottles of SEBO Shampoo of the same size. It is designed with a roller-ball applicator, which allows the solution to come into direct contact with the scalp during application. Typical spray solution applicators can waste expensive solutions on hair rather than the scalp, making the spray applicator obsolete compared to the superior roller-ball applicator. After applying the solution, do not rinse it out and leave it on your scalp to absorb.

    Check out the video on how to apply SEBO solutions to your scalp below.


    OPTIMIZED FOR SCALP PROBLEMS: Our active ingredients Zinc Pyrithione and Climbazole eliminate dandruff and remove the growth of Malassezia, a leading cause of seborrheic dermatitis. This anti-dandruff treatment shampoo reduces inflammation, flaking, itching, and redness by alleviating the symptoms of scalp issues.

    CONTROLS EXCESSIVE SEBUM: The Sebo Shampoo controls sebum and oil residue on the scalp with a cooling effect and deeply cleanses the pores on the scalp, leaving your hair smelling fresh. Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein normalizes the production of sebum and oil, which Malassezia feeds on while moisturizing and improving the scalp.

    SCALP PROTECTIVE LAYER:Soothing the sensitive scalp and balancing the natural pH level, our concentrated formula helps to recover the protective function of the scalp and restore moisture and oil levels of the scalp and hair. Our natural ingredient Brassica Campestris Sterols keep the scalp emollient, protective, soft, and strong.

    pH 5.5 MILD and GENTLE DAILY SHAMPOO:This anti-residue shampoo with cooling effect detoxes greasy hair and nourishes and moisturizes dry skin. It recovers natural hair and scalp, and the low-irritation shampoo is mild and soothing enough to be used every day, unlike medicated shampoos. It's perfect for the sensitive scalp as well.

    SAFE and EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS:Our formula uses only clinically tested and proven ingredients known to solve scalp problems and relieve the itchiness and flakiness associated with seborrheic dermatitis. Our shampoo is free of silicone, paraben, phosphorus, artificial pigment, and BPA, and we only use natural sulfate. This active ingredients-dense shampoo is both safe and effective.