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BallVic - Hair Pack Conditioner - 200g

  • Unlock the secret to luscious hair by treating it like a thriving plant! Nurture the roots with optimal nutrition, prevent skin cell disruption, and maintain a healthy scalp for hair growth. Allow essential moisture to replenish your scalp and reveal the secret to strong roots and vibrant hair: a healthy scalp. Build the ultimate foundation for full, thick, and stunning hair!

    Introducing BallVic Hair Pack – a game-changer for those with sensitive or irritated scalps, who crave a healthy scalp and hair, or who are troubled by brittle and frizzy hair. Unleash the power of BallVic to reduce frizz and add shine to your locks!

    Revitalize your hair with our Hair Treatment and Conditioner for Damaged Scalp. Immerse yourself in deep hydration and nourishment using our biotin shampoo and conditioner, expertly designed to revive dull, dry, and damaged hair. Witness the transformation of your scalp condition, hair texture, and elasticity.

    Nourish and strengthen your hair and scalp with our natural ingredients, promoting powerful hair regeneration. Our concentrated formula fortifies hair protection, repairs damaged scalp, and delivers essential nutrients.

    Experience the BallVic Hair Pack advantage – naturally supporting hair growth by blocking DHT, a primary cause of thin, weak hair. Achieve shinier, thicker hair with our organic shampoo and conditioner pack, perfect for sensitive scalps.

    Elevate your hair game with our sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner set, suitable for men and women. Trust in our hair repair duo, formulated with premium-grade ingredients and safe for all hair types.

    Supercharge your hair care routine by combining BallVic Hair Pack with any of our BallVic Shampoos for men or women. Witness the incredible synergy that takes your hair to new heights!


    Net weight: 200g