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SerenitySphere FlexTouch: The Ultimate 3-Mode Cordless Scalp & Head Soother

  • Discover your personal oasis of relaxation with the SerenitySphere FlexTouch, the ultimate in portable head massaging technology. Designed for deep, soothing interactions, this head massager offers a full 360-degree embrace and eight dynamic touch simulators to rejuvenate both scalp and spirit.

    Key Features:

    Cordless Convenience:Charge effortlessly via USB. With up to 480 minutes of battery life per charge, enjoy extensive, uninterrupted relaxation without the clutter of cords.

    360-Degree Massage: Experience a comprehensive massage that wraps your scalp in complete comfort. The innovative design simulates the sensation of multiple hands massaging simultaneously, ensuring every area is attended to.

    Eight Simulated Fingers: Mimicking the touch of human fingers, these simulators provide a lifelike massage experience. Gentle vibrations combined with this precise touch help awaken the scalp, easing tension and enhancing relaxation.

    Three Customizable Modes: Personalize your massage with three unique settings tailored to match various relaxation needs:

    Mode 1: Enjoy a gentle, soothing touch with intermittent vibrations at medium speed.

    Mode 2: Experience a robust blend of continuous and intermittent vibrations, perfect for those who desire a more intense massage.

    Mode 3: Engage in a deep, therapeutic session with a mix of medium and low-speed vibrations.

    Embrace tranquility and turn any space into a haven of peace with every use of the SerenitySphere FlexTouch.

    Net Weight: 12 Oz