Soothing Repair Emulsion R4 - 200ml

  • Replenish & Radiate:Dive into nature's essence with transformative botanicals like Eucalyptus and Perilla Leaf. Our Soothing Repair face lotion isn't just skincare—it's skin defense. Guard against relentless pollutants, mask strains, and unforgiving UV rays, all while rejuvenating and fortifying your delicate skin.

    Erase & Embrace Flawless Skin: Brown spots? Red marks? Minor blemishes? Consider them history. Our facial emulsion is the hero your skin has been waiting for. It doesn't just treat; it transforms with unparalleled soothing effects, elevating collagen production and rejuvenating your skin's natural barrier.

    Quench & Glow:Incorporate Soothing Repair into your daily ritual and watch your skin thank you. This isn't just hydration—it's a sensation. With a feather-light texture, it dives into your skin's layers, calming redness and locking in pure moisture.

    Dermafirm Science Meets Beauty:Place your trust where technology meets tenderness. With Dermafirm, you're not just choosing a brand—you're choosing a legacy. Globally renowned, consistently effective, and unarguably trusted.

    Pure Love for Your Skin:Reward your skin with the purest, greenest touch. Dermafirm's commitment is unwavering: cruelty-free, vegan, and free from parabens and artificial tones. Because you deserve beauty without compromise.

    Net Weight: 200ml

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