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“I never tried a cream with a texture like this BIOTOC cream have, it is light and velvety and smells amazing! BIOTOC line is the best non-invasive anti-aging and wrinkle care product in the market and gives remarkable lifting that is hard to believe. The effects are equivalent to BOTOX filler just after four treatments!”

Elana Ivanov, Advanced Aesthetics Medi Spa, West Springfield, MA

“I started to use Dermafirm products selectively and now it has grown into Cleanser, Acne Line, Brightening Line, Hydration and Anti-Aging Line. Dermafirm product is very gentle, safe but it works! My clients love Dermafirm product especially those who have sensitive skins. Dermafirm product is reliable and I am also impressed with Dermafirm’s services and their promptness for any type of my inquires. I now have majority of lines with Dermafirm products in my shop.”

Rebecca Zhu, Beyond Beaute Skin Care, Boston, MA

“I met Dermafirm in a trade show (IECSC Las Vegas 2019) for the first time few months ago and volunteered for free BIOTOC (anti-aging) treatment at the show for half of my face. After about 10 minutes of session I have instantly notice remarkable lifting to my treated areas compared to other half that was not treated. I woke up next morning and noticed more lifting to treated area and had to go back to Dermafirm’s booth to get the treatment to other half of my face to even out my skin. The difference was so noticeable and I was so embarrassed to walk around with my half of face looking lot younger than other half. This experience convinced me to use BIOTOC line into my shop and my clients absolutely love it! It is noninvasive but yet effects are like getting a filler from a dermatologist. I am absolutely thrilled to use the BIOTOC line in my shop!”

Heidi Mesbah, Skin Renewal, Laguna Hills, CA

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