Vitamin C Powder MAP - 25-Pack of 1.2ml (each)

  • MAP Vitamin C Powder is a whitening treatment that revitalizes your skin tone through its intense antioxidant benefits, resulting in an intense whitening effect that treats blemishes and uneven skin tones. Dermafirm formulated products are clean, worry-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free, no preservatives, and free from harsh ingredients or artificial colors. Please see more details from Dermafirm's 10Free.

    Product Features:

    Inhibits melanin production, helping improve dull and uneven skin tones.

    Antioxidant effects of Vitamin C protect your skin from free radicals and the oxidative damage they cause.

    Elimination of free radicals also helps in antiaging as free radicals are the main cause of aging skin.

    Primary Ingredients and Benefits:

    Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP) - Inhibits melanin production, allowing for your skin to maintain its bright look.

    Net Weight: 1.2g x 25

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