Dermafirm USA

BIOTOC Nano Pen + BIOTOC 3X Ampoule 10.5ml x2/pack

BIOTOC 3X Cross-Link Ampoule is a highly concentrated powerhouse of active ingredients such as astaxanthin, peptides and collagen that boosts skin’s energy production, reduces sun sensitivity and firms and brightens skin. Affectionately called the “secret sauce” in a healthy glow and lift.    Net weight: 10.4 ml *2

BIOTOC Medi Nanopen-Pro is a next generation skin care device that leverages nanotechnology to deliver active ingredients safely and effectively into the skin for enhanced absorption and delivers remarkable results. The Medi Nanopen-Pro is paired with the Medi NANO Chip (0.25 - 0.5mm depthness) , a patented silicon structure, that creates microchannels that increase the absorption rate by 436% and completely close and heals after 20 minutes, reducing the risk of infection and with very little recovery time