BIOTOC anti-aging line: amazing lifting and tightening effect


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  • Asian medicine herb and advanced technology
  • Amazing lifting and tightening effect, as well as excelling moisturizing and soothing effect
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The BIOTOC story: Long ago, a legendary empress of Korea was renowed for her seemingly eternally youthful beauty.  It was believed that she had received the blessing of the gods.  in actuality, she had a prized formula for infinite youth.

Many have searched in vain for many years, for the ancient texts guarding her royal secret, but it was Dermafirm’s team that finally discovered the records of the empress’ royal physician. The secret receipt for her anti-aging “special ampoule” is made by fermenting protein with 20 types of natural herbal extracts originally used for medicinal purposes.

Dermafirm’s R&D lab formulated BIOTOC by combining this ancient royal secret with modern science by adding high-quality products such as EGF, IGF, peptides, and lotus stem cell extract.

Once BIOTOC REGEN Serum is applied to the eyelids, forehead, and wrinkles on the neck, all areas are rejuvenated and restored in elasticity, similar to the effects of Botox.  Hence, BIOTOC REGEN Serum is also called a “liquid” botox by many dermatologists in Korea.

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Main Ingredients

17 Amino Acids, 5 Peptides, Clerilys W., Cultivated Lotus Stem Cell, EGF, IGF, MultiEx BSASM Plus, Rice Ferment Filtrate


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