Advanced Neck Cream

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Special care for elastic, smooth, and beautiful neck skin

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Neck skin is susceptible to drying due to less sebaceous glands and thin skin – the high concentration ceramide ingredients of this cream maintain moisture from inside your skin.

Advanced Neck Cream Product Overview

Primary ingredients and Benefits

  • Ceramide NP

Ceramide, a complex active ingredient, belongs to lipids and is the most important ingredient among the fats and oils contained in the skin keratin. It protects the skin from the external environment by forming a skin barrier and strengthening the skin lipid barrier.

  • Panthenol

Is a derivative of vitamin B5 that attracts and maintains moisture, so you can get excellent moisturizing effect and strengthen skin barrier to make healthy skin.

  • Adenosine

KFDA Certified Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle ingredients are excellent in stability and durability when penetrated into the skin. By synthesizing protein and collagen in the dermis, it is excellent for improving cell regeneration and strengthens skin’s elasticity to help wrinkle improvement.

  • Jimmy Root Extract

Extracted from the roots of the hair, it contains “ Borfinin ”, which is effective in strengthening skin elasticity and soothing skin, and is effective in nourishing and moisturizing.

  • Palmitoyl Oligopeptide

Helps to keep the skin elastic by eliminating skin dryness and strengthening the natural collagen production ability.

  • Tripeptide-29

By strengthening the elements that support skin, it is effective for improving skin texture and fine wrinkles and moisturizes dry skin.

How to use

Spread neck cream evenly over neck and sweep from bottom to top.  For optimal results, gently massage along the neckline.




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Day & Night

Main Ingredients

Ceramide, Cholesterol, Peptides, Shea butter, Volufiline

1 review for Advanced Neck Cream

  1. sunjooyeo

    This did such a great job in reducing my neck wrinkles. I am planning on buying another once I run out. Really improved texture and skin tone.

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