After “using and loving” Dermafirm, Inc. skincare products, Paula had the opportunity to visit the company’s global headquarters in South Korea. That visit was instrumental in her making the decision to open and head the North American expansion of Dermafirm, Dermafirm USA, Inc.

“During my visit, I learned about Dermafirm products in more detail, built trust and bonded with the leaders at headquarters. I was inspired by their commitment and visions of growing K-beauty globally. It was this commitment that ultimately led to me founding Dermafirm USA, Inc.,” says Paula.

With more than 25 years of financial and business experience to her credit, Paula offers the company a solid foundation for success. But it’s the many years of being a loyal Dermafirm customer that give her a uniquely personal perspective and fervency for the biotechnology-based company and its clean skincare. She continues to experience the effectiveness and benefits of the B2B and direct to consumer skincare lines that are part of Dermafirm USA, Inc.’s product offerings.

“All Dermafirm products are well thought of in formulations and are free from harmful ingredients. They are very effective, yet mild and non-irritating. I personally witnessed over the years the effectiveness and benefits my extended family and friends have enjoyed while using Dermafirm products,” shares Paula.

Paula is a C.P.A. and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, California State University, Sacramento, but now resides on the other coast in Massachusetts with her two daughters. With them, she enjoys hiking, camping, as well as, listening to and playing the piano. In addition, Paula is actively involved with her church and charitable organizations, including Place of Promise, Neighbors in Need and Compassion International.


With nearly 20 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies, Kim brings a background in leadership and value creation to the Dermafirm USA team. Her entrepreneurial and innovative spirit first attracted her to the organization.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to work for a growing company that’s truly dedicated to providing the highest quality products — and to be part of a U.S. startup team that works collaboratively and with mutual respect,” says Kim.

In addition to leading a department of 300 people, Kim has actively championed women and children throughout her life. During her career, she has advocated for women in the workplace initiatives and is looking forward to leading the company’s BIOTOC Women in STEM endeavor as part of her responsibilities. She is also passionate about volunteering at her church and annual visits with her daughter to Tanzania to help AIDS-affected children and teens. 

Kim’s first experience with Dermafirm was as a customer of their skincare products. Her love of how the products make her skin look and feel contribute to her motivation to grow the company in the U.S.

“In my personal experience, Dermafirm skincare is just better. So naturally, I want others to have access to these amazing products — packed with active ingredients, produced with care and attention and without additives and extra fragrance,” shares Kim.

Work, life, and family balance are important to Kim. She, her husband and their three children live in Brookline, Massachusetts. As a family, they cook brunch together on the weekends, watch epic movie series, and play outdoor games like four square and kickball. 

Kim holds her MBA from Boston College, MTS from Harvard University, and BA from Wellesley College.


Robert leads with passion, driven by the company’s technological advantages, advanced product offerings and his pure respect for the science behind them.

What attracted Robert most about Dermafirm, as a company and propelled him to get involved with the launch in the U.S. “Dermafirm’s Commitment”, he explains. Fostering integrity, caring about using the best raw materials and Dermafirm’s vast investment in research and development fueled Robert’s ambitions to lead the expansion into North America.

Robert was further attracted to the company by its global CEO, Peter Cha. “Peter has always been a man of integrity and dedication. This is how he leads the company. For example, Peter always emphasizes ‘trust’ with employees of Dermafirm.”

Peter has grown Dermafirm by instilling it with his own values, such as being uncompromising on quality. The company uses only the finest ingredients available on earth to develop Dermafirm products. The combination of these factors along with Dermafirm’s proprietary technology are why Robert is enthusiastic about leading sales efforts in North America and growing Dermafirm’s business here.

Robert brings diverse experience and 25 years of business acumen in technology to the Dermafirm USA team.   

“I’m not a typical skincare type of guy. I have a U.S. military background - and skincare didn’t align with my interests. Heard K-beauty was taking off - everything was K-this, K-pop, K-food. I’ve always personally had a lot of interest in health and I realized over time that ‘beauty is within’ — but you need to take care of your skin as well.”  

Robert thrives on authenticity, customer outreach and proven results. “After I attended a tradeshow, I saw how estheticians instantly loved the Dermafirm products,” he exclaims, “I could see this and that it’s results based. It appealed to my technology background and interest in science, while sparking an interest as well as pride for my Korean heritage.” 


With 25 years of experience assisting technology companies of all sizes to achieve next level growth, Ed is uniquely positioned to advise and help develop Dermafirm USA, Inc. into a solid B2B and D2C enterprise. 

“I believe in Dermafirm because of its foundations in science, which create a competitive advantage that cannot be easily replicated or marketed against. In addition, BIOTOC is bringing true technology to the skincare industry. The results that Dermafirm products show are unparalleled and already proven through 3,000+ hospitals and dermatologists in Korea,” says Ed.

His strategic business acumen and keen market sense offer invaluable insights to the ever-evolving skincare business. The fact that he is also a Dermafirm customer, his particular favorites being their Sun Defense Fluide sunblock line, gives him even more impetus to steer the company toward future success. 

“The BIOTOC home-care line is game changing because it brings professional strength anti-aging solutions to the consumer market. I’m excited about having as many people as possible try out the products and see amazing results,” explains Ed.

Ed earned an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management and an undergraduate degree in applied mathematics from Harvard University.