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About Dermafirm USA

We believe optimal skincare comes from applying
scientific innovation to nature’s purest ingredients





What makes us different?

  • Dermafirm’s skincare lines blend advanced medical technology with the highest quality ingredients, to provide safe and effective solutions for all skin types
  • Our award-winning products are used in over 3,000 dermatologist and skincare clinics in South Korea and have gone through extensive clinical trials and testing
  • By owning and not outsourcing our proprietary formulation labs, we ensure our ingredients are free from impurities and harmful ingredients and are of the highest quality

Company background

  • Dermafirm USA is the exclusive reseller of Dermafirm Inc. for the United states and Central / South America. Our goal is to help more people around the world benefit from medical-grade and top of the line Korean-beauty cosmeceuticals, at affordable prices.
  • Dermafirm Inc. was founded in 2002 and has been developing dermo-cosmetics to help damaged skin become healthy again, through high-quality ingredients and years of research. We have accumulated know-how and expertise to develop ingredients for products that are safe, clinically tested, and effective.
  • “Dermafirm” is the leading brand of Dermafirm Inc. and is based on plant-based components and peptides, which make skin healthier and clearer for every age and skin type.
  • In 2010 we formed a CGMP grade plant and expanded our Cosmetics Texture Research Institute, where we continue to research ingredients that are highly effective with minimal side effects. In November 2014 we achieved ISO CGMP 22716 certification.
  • We also developed “Derma System Cell” Peptide Technology in 2015 and launched a top of the line, super anti-aging product named “BIOTOC”, which is a lotion-type of botox that is quickly and deeply absorbed by the skin for fast and effective results. BIOTOC contains Dermafirm-developed peptides, which provide visible results and are highly recognized throughout the world.

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