Perfect Moisture Foam - 150ml

  • Dermafirm's Perfect Moisture Foam is a gentle yet effective foam cleanser that removes facial sebum, debris, and makeup residue from pores while also moisturizing the skin without causing irritation. Our products are formulated to be clean, worry-free, and cruelty-free, without harsh ingredients or artificial colors, and they are paraben-free with no preservatives. To learn more about our commitment to using safe and natural ingredients, please see our 10Free list.

    Product Features:

    The micro-bubbles of the foam clear excess sebum, waste, and make-up residue from pores.

    The cleanser maintains the skin’s oil balance while effectively cleaning the skin.

    Natural surfactants provide non-irritating cleansing and leave skin soft and moisturized.

    Primary Ingredients and Benefits:

    Stearic Acid - A naturally derived fatty acid that helps keep the skin moisturized and forms a protective barrier around the skin's surface.

    Lauric Acid - A naturally derived fatty acid with antibacterial properties that promote skin cleansing.

    Glycerin - Attracts moisture to hydrate the skin while acting as a barrier to prevent moisture loss.

    17 Amino Acid Complexes - With their high absorption rate, amino acids boost skin collagen and elasticity, leaving the skin supple and moisturized.

    Allantoin - A hypoallergenic plant extract that moisturizes and smooths the skin while also protecting it from irritants.

    10 Herbal Extracts - All-natural extracts that moisturize and protect the skin from the external environment.

    Our products are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and free from harsh ingredients or artificial colors. To learn more about our commitment to using safe and natural ingredients, please see our 10Free list.

    Net Weight: 150ml

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